Sunday, May 11, 2008

GravesEnd Podcast

Tim from Sacrosanct Gospel and I have started a podcast we hope to produce biweekly. It's called the GravesEnd Podcast and the first episode is up.

Listen Here


Brian Elledge said...

Hey Justin,
Brian (elledge) from T(r)ampa here sayin I just found out you moved and Im kicking myself for not hangin out with you more. Ive read through your blog and and listended to this podcast and definatly agree that secular music can, in so many occasions proclaim the gospel 100 gabillion times better than your favorite steeple house. Im kinda sick of the place to be honest. I think we'd have alot to talk about. Anyway, hope things are well for you up there. Give me a shout sometime if your in tampa sometime and you get a chance.

BMW said...

Good stuff
The beauty of poetry and song lyrics is they are completely open to individual tastes even to the point where the original author is unable to control the meaning or the muse. The meaning is in the ear of the listener.
Think about the song discussed
Handlebar is also a type of mustache
A mustache is over the mouth, which broadcasts over a mike, which rhymes with bike.
You see where this is going I’m sure.
It is interesting that the youth in the song is in control of his destiny.
He starts with his person, moves to his neighborhood, moves to the global, and finally is in control of things universal. (Global destruction)
With out saying it he screams God has lost control to a kid on a bike steering with out hands.
Is this a picture of government?
Maybe not, maybe just a song about a kid on a bike.
Send more Quick

shakkahop said...

good stuff.

good song, jwo. tell tim to turn off the ringer.