Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GravesEnd Podcast #2

The GravesEnd Podcast has again. In this episode, find out how to get free money! Ok, no free money, but Dire Straits will make an appearance.

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JackthePirate said...

I didn't expect to hear a lot of what I heard in this podcast.

JackthePirate said...

I should clarify:

I didn't expect to hear so much discussion of "merit".

I am striving to be faithful to the Covenant obligations that are mine (namely, faith - since it is an obligation rather than a prerequisite) but any mention of "merit" in that pursuit is improper, but it doesn't mean the pursuit is improper ....mainly because of the point you made at the end regarding the radically different nature of Christ's kingdom. It's the same with any discussion of merit. Adam wasn't "meriting" anything (not even a right to the tree of life); Christ had no need to "merit" anything (for how absurd is it for us to say that God himself had to prove himself to himself?).

Maybe I just don't even like introducing a category of "merit" because of my recent wranglings with pactum, congruent and condign categories in other dialogue, not to mention its implications in any discussion of final justification. (again....no merit there either)

Keep podcasting.