Monday, June 2, 2008

Post Series: Morning Devotions

This summer I have been asked to speak at a camp for High School students from the PCA in Florida. Part of what I have been asked to do is write the morning devotionals to accompany my morning messages. I will be speaking 3 times and writing 5 devotionals.

I was looking for some help in tweaking these devotions and making them better.

My general theme is going to be "Living in the Radical Kingdom of Christ". I plan to emphasize the way Jesus calls us to follow Him and His kingdom that exist on this planet, but is completely "other-worldly". I want the kids to walk away seeing the Kingdom as a place to "Plot Kindness, Wage Peace, and Scheme Love". Then show them what that means in high school.

If you could do me the favor of reading these devotionals as I write them and giving me some feedback, I would really appreciate it.

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shakkahop said...

The first thing you should do is change the name from 'Living in the Radical Kingdom of Christ' to 'What Would Jesus DO Chilling in The Totally Cool House of Yahweh!'

I like your first devotional.