Friday, June 13, 2008

Morning Devotion #4

Jesus gives us, not just a high calling to respond in radical kindness when others do us wrong, but also to those who we despise day in and day out.

Who is your Arch-nemesis? That one person who in every way possible drives you insane. Who do you hate more than anyone else?

Read Matthew 5:43-47

The Kingdom of Heaven is here and now, and we have been called to rip windows open between this world and the next. We are invited to tear the fabric between our world and the world that is to come. We do this in a fascinating way.

We do this through love.

We detonate charges of hope when we love others. In what ways have you shown love today?

Those acts of love are windows into the Kingdom. But when we only love those who love us, we aren’t even scratching the surface of what Christ is calling us to.

Jesus Kingdom is best shown in the extremely difficult act of loving our enemies. Think about your arch-nemesis. In what ways can you plot a random act of kindness towards your enemies?

How can you make moves that will create peace between you and your enemies?

How can you scheme to do something that shows that you love, not hate, your enemy?

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